Mountain Lion (Puma) street crossing!

10 Minutes ago, at HWY 83 Direction Bigfork. A Mountain Lion crossed the street 6 feet in Front of our bike.
Amazing Moment!
Majestic Animal!

We are now since 4 Weeks in Bear Countys but Never saw one Bear.

But now we saw a very raw Animal like the Mountain Lion!
Amazing. That Moment Makes a Different to the 55f and rain.

Ein Gedanke zu „Mountain Lion (Puma) street crossing!

  • 28. Juni 2014 um 22:25

    That truly is rare sighting! They are such solitary animals, and to see one in the wild is fortunate! I’ve lived and spent half of my 40 years in the mountains, and in that time I have only seen 2 in the wild. Awesome!!!

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