English description

2 travellers – one motorcycle adventure in the name of kids!
This means: 2 people, 2 bikes, more than 30.000 Miles, 18 countries – right through north, central, and south America.
2AR stands for “2 Auf Reisen” which translates to: Two people on one journey.

Who are we?
We, Claudia and Mirko Nagler are both born in Dortmund,

The whole intention of the tour could be summed up with:
– “2AR” for Children in Latin America
– Collection of money through “sell miles driven” &
the photo project “Gods Beloved People”
– Helping EBM International together on site

We start our journey! Why?
With our project we want to gain
people’s attention.
Attention towards the word of God.
Attention towards EBM-projects.
We want you to support us.
We want to convince others to do something good.

It’s important to us to make a difference. With money that we raise we want to help other people, and we are going to be right there, helping in person. Of course we also want to see the world learn about new cultures and have conversations with people. But for us that’s not everything. We want to help by combining our personal lives with the upcoming projects from EBM international to help those in need.

We’ll pay all our travelling costs on our own, but to really make a difference we need money. To raise this money we decided to take you aboard. How? We’ll sell you every single miles we drive, this way you won’t only support  the projects, but you’ll also be part of the tour. A single person, a group, company’s or even a wholecommunity can participate, the amount doesn’t matter, $1 = 1 mile. Buy 1, 10, 100, 200 or even more miles, choose what you want or can. If you want to support the project „2AR“ in any other way,  just contact us.

We need your support! We drive, you help!