Chartity Donation Progress to date 7.000,04€ Thank YOU!!!

Aktueller Kontostand 04.July.2014  7.000,04€

Chartity Donation Progress to date 7.000,04€ 

Thanks to: 

05.07.2014 251$CA at Photoshoot Blackfoot Motorsports

26.06.2014 107$ Bethany Lutheran Church Bigfork

June 2014 45CA$ many thanks to Mike and Sue

Juni 2014 20$ From Stefan & Betina Thanks

Juni 2014 30$ Bill, Jen & Jordan

10.06.2014 71,72€ David T.

7.06.2014 370$ all guys at Spirit of Joy Curch in Fort Collins

23.05.2014 763,49€ vom Anlassen 2014 in Niedergründau – Thorsten Heinrich

23.05.2014 500€ Helmut K. 


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We do not charge for our work, but we ask for Donations for the EBM children’s projects, we take also professional business portrait pictures, or whatever you need.
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